The taste test

Everything starts at the base. That's why we inspect our components at every possible level. We constantly check the origin, flavour and energy value of the foodstuffs. In our lab we determine to what degree they can be included in various dishes. Deliva's taste experts regularly test new dishes; in consultation with the customer, they decide whether a dish is added to the menu. This is always decided in accordance with the desires and requirements of the target group.

From raw materials to presentation on the plate

The cooking and packaging of the meals are important, but the ‘regeneration’ is also very important. Every step that leads to high quality meals on your plate must be taken professionally and carefully. That's why Deliva invests in specific cooking instructions. They are in conformity with legislation and rules related to food safety. This results in minimal weight and flavour loss when the food is heated up. The food is both healthy and tasty.


A feast for the eye

At Deliva, high quality components are not enough. Our team is very skilled at presenting the dishes. After all, a dish tastes better if it looks perfect! That's why we advise customers in food balance and we give tips related to presentation and garnish.

On-time delivery ensures a meal can be served!

We leave nothing up to chance. That's why we organise the transportation of our products ourselves. Deliva has a large fleet of refrigerated small and large lorries. This gives us enormous flexibility; we can adjust the transport if orders change. Wellorganised logistics ensure that everything is delivered to your door or unloading quay on time.


Satisfied? Return the packaging!

Deliva has a ‘packaging take-back project’. This recycling programme means customers do not have any rubbish. The packaging that we use is per definition recyclable so it damages the environment as little as possible. The other commodities that are required by the customer can also be included in our service. We offer a one stop drop!

An extensive follow-up

No delivery without a follow-up. Our service intention does not stop at your gates. We want to know how you, as an entrepreneur, experience everything, what your personnel thinks about our working method, and what your customers say about our products. We view this as the final step in our collaboration.