If you are what you eat then we at Deliva have a duty to ensure that you are only served the very best. Those who have eaten a delicious meal radiate health and happiness. ‘That hit the spot’ happens to be one of the most frequently heard phrases after a delicious meal. We Belgians are Burgundians at heart. We love food, we love beverages and, above all, we see culinary delight as an acquired right. The way to one's heart is through the stomach. Our plate is always filled copiously, preferably accompanied by a tasty sauce that titillates our senses. The underlying principles of our collective culinary delight may have been cooked on the same stove but the composition of our dishes and our eating habits have undergone a veritable revolution over the last few years. We are becoming increasingly conscious that food is more than just a collection of separate ingredients. In the past a copious lunch was served to offset unremitting labour; now that same lunch must be balanced enough for us to experience the rest of the day in optimal form. You have already eaten the entrée, what follows is our company's main dish. Deliva produces dishes for today but our vision is ahead of its time. With Deliva you choose a partner who can look you right in the eye. We offer ready-to-eat dishes on a plate full of healthy and delicious ingredients. It's so convenient.


Announcement new website

Saturday 4 October 2014

Deliva is ahead of its time. Of course, our progress should not be limited to our products only. For this reason, we are proud to present to you our new website.