We serve and
deliver you the
best tailor-made
food solutions.

Today. Tomorrow.

Deliva blends an international mindset with a family spirit. High-tech with a human-touch. And a fiery ambition with a humble mindset.

Innovative technology

From fully prepped meals to tailor-made food solutions, we always serve the same fresh and nutritious meals at any given time.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art slow-cooking technology we maintain the highest standards in food quality and safety while keeping each meal packed with vitamins and delicious flavors.



Human touch

Our people are the secret and essential ingredient that ties Deliva together. Their ambition, creativity and mindset allow us to always stay ahead and  always deliver what we promise. From seasonal taste to worldly creativity, no waste catering to sustainable meals. Our people make it possible.





At Deliva, we promise that you can operate at your own pace  and on your own terms. With opportunities to reach for the stars and develop your talents in a stimulating environment.

Ready to move your career
full steam ahead?

Scientist or specialist. Coordinator or taste maker.  

Between the spices or behind the wheel. And everyone in between.  

We’re continuously looking for the right motivated people.



What's going on at Deliva?


We take it on full steam ahead