Products & meals

Here at Deliva, we make sure that you can enjoy a healthy and complete meal the convenient way. As a supplier of healthy food, we find it natural to offer a comprehensive selection. Our items satisfy a diverse range of eating habits and meet specific food requirements. Deliva offers a range of standard products, rounded out with temporary dishes that are often inspired by themes or holidays. Deliva has also developed diverse niche products such as gluten-free, easily digestible, low-salt and halal. With regard to portions, Deliva offers many possibilities. In addition to bulk packages, we also offer packages for 1, 2, 3 and 8 people. Depending on what the customer wants and can prepare, the dishes are offered in a soft film, a recyclable dish, top seal packaging or in small containers of diverse sizes. If you have specific needs or questions, we are up to the challenge. We are convinced that we can come up with a suitable solution.