50 years of knowhow in 1 package

Considering that knowledge, just like a delicious meal, is better when shared, Deliva is no longer selling just services, but rather the entire concept of sous-vide cooking. We do this by offering ready-made packages, including assistance at every stage, from infrastructure to commercialisation, supporting the customer in order to help them develop into a quality supplier of sous-vide meals.

Vacuum technology

‘Delicious Vacuum’ or simply ‘Deliva’ was established in 1991. At the request of service industries, governments and restaurants, we decided to create meals prepared sous-vide that would meet the standards of critical final consumers. This ‘slow cooking’ technique, in which foodstuffs are vacuum packed and then cooked slowly, enabled us to grow into an indisputable partner in the market of suppliers to industrial (institutional) kitchens. Our dishes are extremely suitable for every type of kitchen: company catering, event catering, homes for the elderly, hospitals, schools, day-care centres, etc. The preparation technique that we use promises and retains the flavour and guarantees a long ‘fresh’ use-by date, which is very interesting from a logistics perspective.

Transfer of knowledge 

Every chef is convinced: the longer a dish cooks, the better the result. We at Deliva know this too. That is why we have spent the past 50 years building up our research and developing our vacuum technology. It is now ready to serve. The knowledge for starting up a production unit for preparing meals that are cooked sous-vide wasn’t instantly available anywhere. Until now.

Ready-made package

The first step in preparing our customer to become a quality supplier of sous-vide meals is the planning and development of the infrastructure on site. Questions about the requirements that the production unit must meet, the necessary square meterage, the perfect layout and machinery, and others are answered by our engineers during consultation sessions. Naturally, this is always done based on the output, fully customised and with the option to expand. Once a raw foundation has been laid, it is time to give the infrastructure a soul. This is why Deliva participates in start-up assistance. This includes commissioning, drawing up hygiene plans, assistance in recruiting and training the right employees, to the final transfer of the vacuum technology. Our many years of experience, knowledge development, and the process of trial and error that we went through ourselves in this regard, have made us capable of remaining vigilant for any pitfalls when transferring the technology. In the next step, our R&D team will research how this sous-vide preparation technique can be used on traditional, local recipes. Depending on the demand or the specific market, we will research and develop new recipes. Lastly, Deliva will assist in the commercialisation of the services. How, what and in which market does the customer want to implement these preparations? We offer a specific range for each market, draw up budgets and contact suppliers.

 The package that we offer is always tailor-made based on the customer’s history, market segment, target group and objectives. The precise follow-up of every step in this extensive recipe guarantees a delicious, honest, successful end result.

International transfer of knowhow

Deliva has various international references in which the implementation of the vacuum technology has resulted in clear added societal value.

  • Mexicali - Mexico
  • Jakobstad - Finland
  • Istanbul - Turkey
  • Moscow - Russia
  • Kirov - Russia
  • Vladivostok - Russia