At Deliva we believe that your taste buds are the deciding factors when grading a dish. A meal only stands out when all taste stimuli
are in balance. The result of this balance lies in an experimental quest in which external field work is combined with internal research. Our name is at the forefront because we constantly keep track of trends and we involve the final users in the process. The ‘sous-vide’ cooking technique retains 100% of the flavour. The food is cooked in an airtight film that was specially designed for cooking food using the sous-vide cooking technique. Sous-vide cooking involves cooking vacuum packed products in a water bath or steam oven at a constant, low temperature. The most important advantage is that the flavour and texture of the ingredients are retained. Because our dishes are vacuum packed, they stay fresh in cold storage for at least 21 days. Meat, fish and poultry remain wonderfully juicy and tender. Vegetables retain their vitamins and flavour. The results are amazing and industrial kitchen managers can relax because the items need very little looking after. The food is prepared in accordance with strict, pre-determined instructions. Our food experts act as advisors on a regular basis. They are always willing to assist our customers with advice about the preparation and garnishing of specific dishes.