AFAS HR software streamlines Deliva administration

No more phone calls or endless e-mails to obtain your documents. Soon, your personnel file will be easy to edit and consult on the brand new personnel administration system AFAS. Over to our HR business partner Lien Buyvoets.

Optimisation, optimisation, optimisation


Lien: “ASAF is an ERP package, which means it is an integrated system for the entire administration. A lot is possible in ASAF, but there will be limits at the start. However, the platform will initially be used to optimise personnel administration, recruitment and selection, communication, etc.


Employees will be able to manage their own personal files on the platform, and add or change information, for example a new address, the number of dependent children, etc. This eliminates a great administrative ‘burden’ from HR as well as from the employees themselves. After all, they can make changes directly without having to call or e-mail HR.


This also gives the employees more transparency as they can see everything that’s in their full HR file. Everything through one channel From asking us questions, to requesting leave days, and consulting files and payslips. Cherry on the cake? The platform is also linked to a handy app.”

Why AFAS? I assume there are other similar systems on the market.

Lien: “Correct! Total integration with the existing systems was the main requirement. For example, the new platform had to be easy to link to our payroll outsourcer so that the flow of payslips either way was without problems. What’s more, we work with a GPS timekeeping system. This also had to be integrated into the new system. AFAS met all requirements with flying colours. So now three parties are working together: Liantis (payroll outsourcer), AFAS and the GPS system.”


It sounds like no easy task.

Lien: “It is definitely a lot of work at the moment (laughs), but we know that it will bear fruits in the long run. Both in terms of time efficiency and transparency for the employee. The most important thing now is that all the data can communicate without any problems and that no errors creep into the system. Luckily, we are already in the final phase and we can rely on lots of support and guidance from our AFAS partners."

"It's a lot of work at the moment, but in the long run it will pay off in terms of time efficiency and transparency towards the employee." 

The official launch is soon. Will the employees notice any of this? What will change for them?

Lien: “We want to make it as easy as possible for our employees. In the past, administration was often a hassle. This new system will stop that, and quickly. Of course the employees will notice changes in the beginning; they are the ones who have to work with the new system, which will always involve questions and uncertainties.  
But we will do what is necessary to make the switch to AFAS as smooth as possible.


Migration is actually gradual. So, you will still be able to make your requests on the old system; it will not vanish overnight. But we do expect employees to take the time and show commitment to familiarise themselves with AFAS and completely move across in time. Throughout this process, the main thing is that employees should know we are always available to answer all their questions every step of the way.”

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