A chat with the Deliva models

Ning and Peter prove that our employees are versatile. They showed their photogenic side for our new campaign. And it has to be said: they did a brilliant job. They tell us how it felt to be a model for a day.


You were one of the models for the new campaign images for Deliva. What was your reaction when you were asked?

Ning: “I was a little surprised. I was a bit insecure and wondered whether I would be able to do it, because it was my first time in front of a camera. But Deliva was obviously confident, so I said yes.”

Peter: “I thought it was all very mysterious, we weren’t allowed to know what it was for. But I thought, okay, we’ll see what happens.”

How did you feel being a model for the day?

Ning:  “I was a bit nervous at the start. I didn’t know what to expect beforehand, but in the end it turned out well. Also, it was fun seeing the professionals at work.”

Peter:” It was a great experience: first we had our photos taken in Hasselt, and then we went to the test kitchen. It was nice to experience it.”


Was this your first time in front of a professional camera?
Ning: “Yes. Of course I’ve posed for photos on social media, but this was completely different!”
Peter: “Yes, absolutely. I haven’t seen the result yet, but I don’t think I’ll be moving into professional modelling any time soon.” (laughs)


Did you find herbs in your hair for days afterwards? Or did you still smell of herbs? 
Ning: “Most of it just washed out. Although the smell and the yellow turmeric colour stayed on my hands and nails for a few days!


Are you happy with the result?

Ning: “Apart from a few shots on the photographer’s screen, I haven’t seen anything yet. Those few shots did look very promising. I can’t wait to see the end result!”

Peter: “I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m very curious. But because everything ran so professionally, I assume the photos will be good.”

You will now become a well-known Deliva employee. What do you think your colleagues will say? And what about your friends and family?
Ning: “I hope the reaction from my colleagues is positive. Because I’m not just representing myself, I’m representing my entire team. That motivated me to do my very best during the shoot! The wait is on for the reactions from my family and friends. I did tell them about my latest ‘adventure’. They are very curious, of course.”

Peter: “Nobody knows at the moment. They only know we’ve had photos taken, so I can’t wait to see what they think. Only Peter Goossens and a few people from management know about it.”


How long have you been working here?

Ning: “I have been here for thirteen-and-a-half years. Time flies, this is my first job in Belgium.”

Peter: “19 years already, I’m an old hand.”

How did you end up here?

Ning: “During my second year in Belgium, I saw a job advert and I came to do a trial run. No easy task, because I am from a completely different culture and I had been self-employed. I am very happy that Deliva gave me, a non-Belgian at the time - the opportunity. And as you see: I am still here!”

Peter: “One of the former owners was my uncle. I started here as a butcher, and now I am a prevention adviser and production supervisor.”


How do you find working at Deliva? 
Ning: ”I really like working here. Good bosses, a flexible, respectful supervisor, and great colleagues: that’s all you need!”

Peter: “I really enjoy working here, otherwise I wouldn’t have been here this long. I continue to find challenges in my job, and I have nice colleagues. “We are a close-knit team. The team has die-hards who you’ve known for years, but also new people are embraced as part of the team right away. We welcome everyone, and we are committed to diversity.”

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